Custody Health Services

We provide medical services in court holding rooms, supporting our clients by providing responsive services that ensure the welfare of individuals in their care.
Our Services:
  • We supply telephone and on-site medical services to individuals in court holding rooms.  
  • We have a highly experienced team that triage calls providing an immediate response to medical incidents.
  • When required we deploy specialist paramedics to courts who are well-versed in working in custodial settings.

Responding to medical issues and emergencies in court holding room settings can prove challenging, and custody managers and their staff are often presented with medical situations that require professional medical advice. Individuals in their care can suffer from a range of issues, from a headache to emergency situations, with many suffering from drug withdrawal. We understand the unique challenges faced by custody staff and defendants alike and we therefore provide rapid, effective and considerate services to ensure quality patient welfare.

Supported by our bespoke triage systems, our highly experienced team are able ask the right questions to quickly evaluate the situation and deliver tailored advice and guidance to achieve the right outcomes. On some occasions this entails advice to immediately ‘Blue Light’ the individual when they require urgent or life-saving treatment.

If medically necessary, we will deploy a paramedic to the court to attend to the patient in person.

How we deliver Solutions:
  • We utilise a bespoke call triage system to quickly evaluate the medical situation. (Video capabilities are available)
  • Our experienced team then provide the correct advice and guidance to ensure the patients’ welfare.
  • If it is medically necessary we will deploy a paramedic to the court to attend to the patient in person.
  • Through our medical expertise we manage the majority of cases over the phone (c.70%) saving our clients considerable costs in deploying paramedics to courts.
  • We speak with the patients directly when required to offer them support and reassurance.
  • We create comprehensive monthly management information reports that give our clients complete detail of the requests for support and solutions provided.
Why IPRS Aeromed?
  • We seek to understand the challenges of medical care in a custodial setting and tailor our service accordingly.
  • We have a demonstrable track record of saving clients money by utilising a highly effective triage system, and only deploying paramedics on-site when absolutely necessary.
  • Our approach also provides Clients with significant direct cost and time savings by reducing the need for detainee transport and guard resources, and reduces the burden on the NHS by substantially reducing the number of people that need to be transferred to hospital.
  • We work closely with our clients to ensure we constantly meet their expectations.
  • Our paramedics are highly experienced in this sector and they are Security Cleared to Counter Terrorism Check Level.
  • We offer reductions on pricing where paramedics manage successive face to face incidents in the same court. 

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